Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Summer Time, And The Livin's Easy....

I love song lyrics as titles. They just work.

Except, that this summer hasn't quite been easy living...yet. I have managed to stay BUSY with summer training and going here and there. Yesterday, Noah and I had such a fun morning. His Coco and Bedo had been out of town for about a week; so upon their return, Noah spent the afternoon with his Coco.

There is not a ton going on in the world of Cullen and Erin. We are both great; but nothing new to report. Noah on the other hand, changes by the day. In the last month, he:
  • Has gone from crawling to walking 100%. While he was taking a few steps here and there before his birthday, he has perfected the art of "Frankenstein Walking". He is practically running.
  • Communicates. Without words, he can communicate anything he needs. He points specifically. If pointing doesn't work, he will take your finger and DRAAAAAAG you anywhere he needs to go. He will take your hand and place it on something that needs moving, opened or closed. It blows me away that he can know exactly what he wants and is stubborn....persistent about it until he gets his need fulfilled.
  • Can say: Mom, Mama, (any morph of mom), Nigh nigh (and only in your face, with a smile when he should be going to bed, but isn't!), thank you, Bye.
  • he can imitate anything I do. I clap three times, he claps three times, and laughs at the situation...almost to say, "Look at me. I am so awesome."
Oh, he fills my heart. I know all moms are extremely partial to their own (rightfully so), but it blows me away how smart, funny and purely special he is to me.

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