Wednesday, June 29, 2011


I had another episode. It was one of those moments that you wish you were alone so NO ONE could witness your embarrassment. Problem is, it is usually those exact moments that you are NOT alone.

Last night, we had our friends Taylor and Kenny over, after enjoying a wonderful evening at the pool. We made dinner, laughed, caught up, and started making dessert....that is when it happened.

Taylor was helping in the kitchen by turning on the stove. {Side bar, we have a double oven. I ALWAYS use the top oven because it is smaller, using less energy, and higher off the ground for little fingers.} When Taylor turned on the oven, she turned on the lower oven. No big deal. Either one cooks perfectly well. WELL, when I went to put in our caramel infused brownies, guess what I found in the oven.......CUPCAKES FROM NOAH'S BIRTHDAY PARTY. For the record, his birthday party was MAY 15TH! A) Why did we not eat these at his party? and B) How in the world did we not have an ant problem with sweet deliciousness sitting in my oven for the last month and a half?????


On a lighter note...have you ever been SMOTHERED in kisses?? I was attacked by Noah's new found love of kissing this afternoon. It was so sweet. He would giggle, slam his face into mine and kiss all over me. The.Best.
Proof #2:

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