Wednesday, August 3, 2011


Today is my best friend's birthday!! She is 27 today...officially in her LATE 20's...yikes!! Practically over.the.hill.
As a tribute to her, below is a few youtube clips of things that make me A) think of Kelly, and B) laugh or sing LOUDLY!

Wilson Phillips' Hold On
GWH: Bar Scene
GWH: Don't Forget the Coffee
GWH: Therapists - Kel, this one makes me laugh the loudest, but...
This one makes me think of you the most: GWH: Double Burger!
Salt-N-Pepa: Shoop
Warren G (feat. Nate Dogg): Regulators
The Blonde
THIS movie
Oops. Here are a few more:
You Know What He did?
We're Doin' Business Here

I really could go on forever. I LOVE YOU Kelly Jean. I hope your birthday is as spectacular as you are!

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