Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Surviving Week One -

School started back this week... hence the absence of blogging. I think this year is going to be amazing. I have a SUPER co-worker who has an undeniable passion for students with special needs. She is going to be a breath of fresh air around my portable!!

I only have a few new kiddo's on my case load this year (so far) and they are so special to me. I have one little boy, a third grader, who has won my heart already - and he isn't Special Ed, through label. I bet he is soon though. Little stinker has a SERIOUS anger problem; I get the privilege of working with those kids too.

On a home front, Noah has really grown up all of the sudden. He can mimic almost anything we do. He holds conversations with me, even I can only make out about 1/10 of the noises he says. I ask him a question and he answers me with 8 or 10 words, all of which have different tones and inflections - none of which can be made out. It is amazing to me that he "talks back". He also will say something and then laugh, like he thinks he is soo funny.

Part of night-time routine, is a bath.  Cullen sits on the outside of the tub and plays with Noah while ensuring his safety, of course. When Noah gets squirrely and starts to act like he is done with bath time, I hear Cullen say, "Okay, time to get out? Tell the tub "Night Night." Then I hear Noah say "Night Night" and pull the plug under the water. It is so sweet.

Okay, you have been updated on school and updated with Noah... what more do you want from me!? :)

I will blog soon. Promise.

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