Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Welcome Back, Silly Millie.

What a whirlwind yesterday was. Work was busy as usual. From 4:30 - 6:30, I was on the go, go, go! I called my dear friend T, who was helping me arrange a dinner for our friends. On my way to her house, I go home to get my part of dinner and I pull up to the house only to notice out backyard is wide open. NO DOGS. My heart sinks. I have one dog who is dumb as mud and follows his nose... HE WAS IN THE FRONT YARD. Millie, my smart girl was GONE. I frantically search the neighborhood. Noah is in the backseat being an ANGEL. After about 15-20 minutes, I had to do the MUST-DOs on the list. I prayed Millie would come home on her own and went to T's house. After the MUST-DOs were done, I came home and continued the search. Cullen got home and the search party widened. We posted notes on Craigslist, Killeen Animal Control and with the HH Animal Control....

Noah ran through the house, funneling his hands around his mouth, yelling, "Ninny?" "Where's Ninny??" Break.My.Heart.

About 7:15, this feeling came over me. I went out front, and there she was, a couple houses down.

So Welcome BACK, you Silly Millie!

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