Sunday, February 19, 2012

The Pioneer Woman

I love cooking. I love being in the kitchen. It is the heartbeat of my home. It is where most of the great memories start or end. It is where my children will remember me...either cooking my butterscotch cookies or chasing their daddy out of the kitchen before he eats all my cookie dough.

Our PTA president and another board member asked me to be in a chili cook-off at school. Without hesitating, I say yes. (I am a glutton for punishment; I cannot say no...AND, see above, I love to cook). So, here I am. It is Sunday. The chili cookoff is Tuesday at 5:30. I have been scouring websites for the perfect white chicken chili. (Why white chicken chili?? Well, because everyone makes regular chili, and I need something that will stand out.) I finally found one I am satisfied with... Pause.

I recently purchased a Pioneer Woman cookbook. If you are a new cook and need help, she is your gal. She takes pictures at every step. She makes cooking seem like an armless baboon could do it. She has a white chicken chili recipe. It has 274 great comments attached to this deliciously simple recipe.

Unpause. After much stress, headache and kitchen pacing, I am making the Pioneer Woman's White Chicken Chili. So, Ree Drummond, if I win Tuesday afternoon, half of my prize is owed to you. (The other half, of course is mine...because I was able to pull off a perfected masterpiece!) 


  1. Pioneer Woman is AMAZING. In fact if I didn't have a niece named Reyse... I would probably want to name my next child Ree! Good luck Tuesday! Love you! ~ Chyla

  2. LOVE HER. Every time I make one of her recipes, Scott tells ME I'm an amazing cook (with those words). It's pretty unbelievable. She's the only person who makes me look good in the kitchen. -Lauren