Tuesday, May 8, 2012

It Is Embarrassing, Really.

Every time I open my blog to read the "Google Reader", I see that I have not updated my blog in so long. I am so embarrassed. Really. AND, to make matters worse, so much has happened in the last month. Since I last blogged –

·      Noah got his first BIG BOY haircut. This was extremely bittersweet for me. It took us TWO WHOLE YEARS to grow his hair. With one swoop it is gone…ish. It is trimmed. You know what else they cut off at the barber shop?? His little baby look about him. He now looks like a real little boy – which is fine, since he TURNS TWO THIS SATURDAY. Speaking of bittersweet…

·      Yes, I found myself meeting his first birthday with extreme hesitation. I didn’t want my baby to grow up. This year, I see how much he grows – daily. I get excited to watch him grow up! I find myself meeting his second birthday with joy and excitement. Big steps!!

·      We have more to celebrate too. Noah is going to be a big brother! We found out we were pregnant in early March and our newest little arrival is due Thanksgiving day! Cullen and I couldn’t be more thrilled. One of my favorite moments with Noah and the new baby is, when you ask him, “Where is Mommy’s baby? Is it in my tummy?” He will point to his tummy and say, “No. My tunny.” 

·      School ends in three weeks. Yahoo. I LOVE my students, but I sure am ready to spend the summer with my Toot. 

·      Speaking of Summer - We have a beach trip planned with the Durbins in June. Kylie and Noah are taking their whirlwind friendship out of town. Nothing makes my happier than to see these two play together.

Sadly, there is so much more…but that has to be it for now. It is Tuesday afternoon and my brain is spent! Time to go get my stinker!

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  1. So exciting! Noah is going to be a great big brother. :)