Thursday, June 21, 2012

Durbin/Mills' Annual Vacation


We recently took a vacation with our favorite family friends! We found ourselves in Port Aransas, Texas for a four-day beach vacation. Those four days were packed with beach fun, sand-castle building and animal sighting at the Texas State Aquarium. Below is a capture of our vacation via pictures.

Traditional name-in-the-sand picture.

Day One on the beach. The daddies and kiddos.
Settling down on night one. How sweet is Kylie?? Big hugs for Uncle Cullen!

Flying a kite that Kylie's Grammy bought for the kiddos.

We took a ride into town to find dinner Saturday night. Noah has learned to say "cheese" for the camera. AND, he never minds taking pictures. What a treat.

Momma and her silly boy!

Representing the Rangers on the beach. This hat allowed for this momma to not worry about a sun-burned face!
Silly faces in Kylie's hat.

Silly faces in Kylie's chair.

Falling victim to the big waves!

Lounging in the water!

About .5 seconds before taking a big tumble backwards from the waves.

Food and drink break from the sun and beach!

While this picture appears to be our son creating fantastic sand castles, let me break the real news... Cullen would build them and no sooner was the plastic away from the sand would Godzilla Noah crash the sand castle flat.

Family picture at the Texas State Aquarium.

He wanted to give the sea turtle a kiss.
Playing and watching the dolphins.
At the Tx. State Aquarium watching the giant hermit crab and fish.
Cullen and Noah getting the car packed up, ready to leave Port Aransas!
The Mills family of "4". {This is our first family picture where you can really see my bump.}

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