Monday, June 25, 2012

She's Got Her Whole World...

...In her hands.

I get to start this week by sharing with you just how lucky I am. Last night, BOTH of my boys fell asleep holding my hand. I went to sleep with my heart happy and feeling complete.

It started with me putting Noah down. I crawled into his bed and cuddled with him for a minute and he (as usual) says, "Hand, momma." I held his hand until he fell asleep.

I proceeded to my bedroom where Cullen was on the brink of death from lack of sleep this weekend. He was tossing and turning while I was watching TV. Eventually, I turned off the TV and he immediately rolled over and said, "Where is your hand?" I held his hand with a smile on my face until he, too, fell asleep.

My heart was happy and full. I felt needed and wanted. I felt like in that little moment, nothing else mattered at all.

So, Happy Monday to you! I hope your weekend ended as well as mine did!

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