Thursday, July 5, 2012

Today Is The BIG Day

Today is our BIG day. This morning, Cullen and I go to the doctor to learn about our baby. It is our big anatomy appointment. We will confirm that everything is right with our baby. We get to count arms and legs, toes and fingers, a heart, lungs, kidneys, other major organs.

When we went with Noah, this appointment was very different. We went in more excited to know WHAT our baby was, instead of what was important - the health of our baby. It is so neat to go into this appointment not concerned about the gender. In my mind, we are going into this appointment wide-eyed for the correct reasons.

However, we will know what our baby is... July 15th. My parents are out of the country until then. We have something big planned and we want both sets of parents there.

I prayed for a long time last night that God steadies the hands of our ultrasound tech, that God wraps himself around our room, my womb, my little nugget and Cullen and I today. I prayed extra hard for a very healthy baby, who is developing right on track. I prayed that Noah's future brother/sister is half-way to making their perfect entrance into this world.

So, today is our big day. Today, we get to see our little nugget. Today we get to spend an hour making sure all is well. Today is our BIG day.

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