Tuesday, August 14, 2012

I'm A Big Kid Now...

I was reminiscing with Cullen the other day about Noah growing up right in front of us. Every day, it seems like he is bigger and {emotionally} more grown up than the day before.

This summer has been HUGE for our little Noah. He is potty training, and doing so well. He has transitioned from a toddler bed to a big boy bed AND goes to bed without crying at all. It is so nice, yet I miss rocking him to sleep.

This last weekend, Cullen and I got up and got ready for church. {Side Note: Church is always stressful. Noah cries and has cried every time we drop him off at church nursery.} This time, Cullen drops him off at his room with me standing behind them. Noah walks in his room and turns to Cullen. Instead of crying, he says to Cullen, "where my diaper bag?". I quickly responded that he didn't need it, that he is a big boy, going in the big potty. He thought about it, and it made since. He shrugged and turned in and walked away. NO TEARS.

Instead, I wanted to cry.

I know it is our plan to grow our kids into wonderful small adults. I wanted Noah to be more independent - that was my goal this summer. However, I hate it. I hate that he doesn't NEED us to do certain things. When our little baby gets here, I know it will be nice to have a big helper, but I sure do miss my little baby Noah. I miss him NEEDING to crawl into my lap, needing me to hold him and rock him.

I guess it is all a part of it... right?

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