Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Little Nuggets in My Head...

My cousin writes an extremely comical, often very serious blog. I love her writing, and she is one of the most frequent blogs I check for updated reading material. Go check her out; tell her I sent you. Bond's Mindless Wanderings. Her most recent post was little nuggets in her head. I loved it; it gave her opportunity to empty her mind. I need to do so as well. Here are MY little nuggets in my head.

  • I started school back, full time, yesterday. It was only professional development, no kids yet. However, I spent a good amount of time on my feet, hanging things, walking around, and working. Good Lord, I came home and my feet looked like little sausages. Entering month seven of this pregnancy at the peak of "standing on my feet" season is going to be rough. I can hear it now, "this little piggy went to market. This little piggy went home. This little piggy stayed on her feet waaaaayyy tooo long." 
  • Little Noah helped his daddy edge the yard and blow off the cut grass in his pull-up in the front yard tonight... yep. We are that family. 

  • I have had an incredible seven months of pregnancy. I have only gained 10 pounds. I have been happy and healthy. I have LOVED the moments I spend with Noah, especially when, out of the blue, he asks to "see" or "talk" to Avery. He will lift up my shirt and pet me, or talk to my belly. I hope he loves her as much out of the womb as he does in the womb.
  • I again, spent too much extra time at school today preparing my classroom. I came home, played with Noah, ate dinner and was out the door at 7:30. At 10:00 my fat piggy feet cried until I got off of them! 
  • One last nugget - I had a dream last night {Oh, how I love pregnancy dreams} that I had a 6-7 inch Boston Terrier tattoo on my left hip. Cullen and I went to New Orleans on a vacation and it was there that I decided I didn't want my tattoo any more... So, I found a shop that would tattoo over it. Want to know what I traded my Boston Terrier tattoo for??? A FELIX THE CAT face.  Get out of here! A) I hate cats. B) Felix the Cat?? Really? C) I love Boston Terriers... why would I get rid of mine? D) WHY AM I DREAMING ABOUT THIS????? 
  • In the last two or three days, I have run into an extraordinary amount of stupid people. I hate bumped "stupid people" to the top of my pet-peeve list. I hate, hate, HATE, stupidity. :)
Those are the nuggets in my head tonight. Yes, now, I can sleep with clear space in my head.

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