Sunday, September 30, 2012

It's Getting Closer...

As promised, two posts in one week. This last Tuesday started my two-week appointments with the OB. Dr. Furman had a difficult time finding Little Miss' heartbeat because she was squirming so much. We got though. 141 beats p/ hour; just where it should be. She said I'm measuring just where I should and we mapped out the rest of my pregnancy. We discussed my recent sonogram and the fact that my little darlin is still a girl... A big girl at that. She was weighing in at 2 lbs, 15 ounces two weeks ago (slightly bigger than a fetus should be). That means one if a couple things: A) she {more than likely} will come early like her brother. B) could come on her due date and BE A NINE PLUS POUND BABY. Or C) we can talk about inducing on the 19th.

In other Little Miss updates, her room still isn't done. BUT we do now have a plan of action. We are going to tape off her room this week and paint over the next two weekends. Chair rails will go up the weekend of the 13th and we'll put the final decorations up over the next several weekends. Phew. All in time for Halloween and her birth month to arrive.

This weekend, we went to Great Wolf Lodge in Grapevine, TX. On the way there, we stopped for dinner. At dinner, I got embarrassingly teary. I realized this trip would be our last trip as Cullen, Erin and Noah. It made the trip all the more significant. We did any and everything Noah wanted to do and had a great time doing it. We spent HOURS at the indoor water park. We just had a fantastic time. While I am so excited to create wonderful memories that include Little Miss, it is bittersweet knowing our world of three will soon no longer be.

We are super busy between now and Little Miss' arrival. Cheers to a busy, activity filled 7 weeks (or less).

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