Monday, September 24, 2012

Pregnancy Facts and Other Tid-Bits

First of all... I am going to put it out there. I will have two {yes, two} blog posts this week. This one counts, and I go to the doctor tomorrow. I will have a baby update then. WOW, two in a week. I am lucky if I can get one done every two weeks as of recent!

So, Here are some pregnancy facts and other Mills' tid-bits in number format.

  1. It is official. My wedding ring does not fit any longer. I would like to blame it on highly salted Chinese food yesterday, but sadly, I have been struggling to put it on daily for about a week. When My finger immediately turned purple this morning, and only a combination of soap, water, and lotion took my ring off, I knew it was time. The silver lining? I couldn't wear it after seven months with Noah. At least I made it to eight months with Little Girl. 
  2. I have this dear friend, {I will call her Krista (name changed to protect the innocent)}, who is just a few weeks behind me in her pregnancy. Until recently, she and I had gained pound for pound the same amount of weight. I went to the doctor, doubled my weight. She went to the doctor - didn't gain a pound. While I should be so very grateful to have only gained 19 pounds this entire pregnancy so far, hearing her measly little 9 pounds made me a not happy girl. :) I told *Krista that we were no longer friends until she caught up with my weight gain. She and I both have appointments this week. 
  3. Speaking of appointments, tomorrow's appointment starts the first of my two-week appointments. I remember thinking when I was pregnant with Noah that two-week appointments would NEVER get here. It meant we were at the beginning of the end. From here, pregnancy goes warp speed. I feel like I just told Cullen I was pregnancy with this one; now we are counting down. I am in single digit weeks until Miss. Priss gets here. Good Lord. AND, 
  4. As my not-friend *Krista pointed out in a recent conversation, IF Miss. Priss delivers on her due date, I have 8 working weekends until she gets here. Let's not forget, this coming weekend, we are busy. The following weekend we are busy. One weekend in October is completely booked. They way I see it, we have FIVE working weekends. By working weekends, I mean, WE NEED TO FINISH HER ROOM. Good news is, 
  5. Cullen has the crib put together (Thanks, Durbin family, for letting us rent Bobby temporarily). Miss. Priss has a changing table in her room. Her sheets are in the washer. We bought paint for her walls. AND, while the room isn't painted, at least we have committed to colors and purchased them... no turning back now. 
  6. NON-PREGNANCY REMARKS: Noah is melting my heart daily. He is growing so fast. His brain is so smart. He continually impresses me with just how smart he is. I know most of you know this, but on the off chance I forget, Here are a few recent Noahisms: 
  7. After I asked if he wanted to walk or drive to the mail box, he responded with, "Let me check my schedule." 
  8. He cannot say certain words correctly. I love them, and as long as they are not academically cause for concern, I will not correct him. Words like: church - he says chirps; Brodie - he says Broer; He calls Millie Millie-dirl. He calls my friend Taylor, Terr. He calls his CoCo, ToTo. While I know that is just learning how to speak appropriately, I think it is too sweet. He calls pizza- issas. He calls milk, nilp. 
  9. If you ask him what he wants for dinner, 7 out of 7 days, he will tell you issas. THAT is my child. Now if I could just convince him that the only edible pizza in the world is Mr. Gattis and we had one closer than Belton, I would be a very happy girl. 
  10. Cullen and I celebrated our 5-year marriage mark this past week. He gave me a beautiful necklace and earrings that match. I gave him a bread maker. He had his gift WAITING on me Saturday morning. Never in our almost ten years together has he had a gift PRIOR to our event (birthday, anniversary, etc). NEVER in our almost ten years together have I NOT had a gift waiting for him. Well.... his gift arrived 5 days late. I am the worst. I feel terrible. I just wasn't with it this year. I would like to say there is a reason for it... but there wasn't. I was just behind the ball!! 

That is it for me. Happy Monday. I will post again tomorrow after Miss. Priss' appointment! 

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  1. Love it :-) And YOU!! Maybe we can be friends again after our appointments. And thanks again for your identity protection. I feel much more safe now. :-) lol