Monday, January 5, 2009

More Bush?

If you know anything about me; if you have met me even once, you know that I am conservative in my views, and a huge supporter/fan of our President, Mr. George Bush. However, with everything I just said, I am not completely crazy. I awcknowledge that President Bush was dealt a bad hand and having a new set of eyes on our Country may be what we need.

I was reading FoxNews this morning... (yes, this does confirm that I am very conservative). This morning headlines read: Jeb Bush for President. Pardon? Quoting myself from earlier, I am "a huge supporter/fan of our President, Mr. George Bush" BUT NO MORE BUSHES. Let's just let it finish where it is. I think the old saying goes... Let's quit while were ahead. The only difference is, we're not ahead. Here is a transcript of the article from FoxNews.

Jeb Bush for President!


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