Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Proud Moments -

I feel like one of the most fortunate people ever. Every single day, I find a reason to be happy!! AND, it is so easy to be happy. I have a husband and two very precious puppies who I love and who love me. If you have ever met my doggies, you know they are the funniest little boogers. They make me laugh and giggle every day. They sleep on their backs like humans. They like to sleep under blankets and do not like to be disturbed. They are a constant source of my happiness. Cullen makes me smile every day. He, like the puppies, makes me laugh and giggle every day. On my wedding day, I remember thinking "I couldn't have hand picked a better man." God gifted me with such a perfect partner.

I also thank the good Lord for my family and friends. At any given point, I can tell you at least one thing that makes me extremely proud of each of my family members.

And, then there are my amazing friends. I have always heard that you are lucky if you can count your real friends on one hand. If I could count my friends, my true friends, I would need my fingers, toes and all of Cullen's fingers and toes! So, cheers to my friends, family and my life. I love where God has put me and what God has given me.

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