Thursday, October 1, 2009

Two More Days.

My whole life seems like one count down after another. It starts as an idea, blooms into a list, and ends with a count down. Since I found out I was pregnant, ideas popped into my head about how I want to tell certain people in my life that we are expecting. One of the people I am MOST excited to tell is my dearest, oldest, bestest friend in the whole world. I see Kelly this weekend, and I am going to surprise her with a big announcement. Let the countdown continue: T minus two days! I told her this week on the phone that Cullen and I were going to hold off on kiddo's for a while (you know, throw her off a little). I will update on Monday and let you know how the big reveal goes. We haven't even told parents yet...We know it is most appropriate to tell parents the big news first but, there are just certain people you MUST tell in person. This is one. She is in town. Hooray for sharing baby news - it sure does make it seem more real.

On another exciting note - I go to the doctor for the first time tomorrow morning. YAY!

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