Thursday, October 1, 2009

Marriage = Compromising.

If I have learned anything while married, I have learned that marriage is about love and compromise. It is about making sacrifices that makes the other one happy. Tonight, while eating dinner, Cullen and I compromised....

Let me give you a little back story. Cullen plays poker online from time to time. (By time to time, I mean, he plays until it gets in the way of OUR time in the evenings and on the weekends, and I tell him it is time to take a lonnnnng break). About a month ago, Cullen took one of these breaks. He has been sooooo good about not even asking to play poker online. This evening, before Cullen got home from work, we talked on the phone and I asked him to go on a walk with me. He said yes, like a sweet husband; and with that he was on his way him.

Back to dinner. During dinner, I asked Cullen about our walk and he quickly said, "what about..." I knew what was coming - a deal. His first deal: He would go buy me a sno-cone if we didn't have to go on a walk. (Isn't that counterproductive; to offer food and calories instead of a walk??) NO DEAL. His second deal: He would go on a walk with me, if he could have the big TV to watch College Football and start to play poker online again. NO DEAL. (But, he is getting closer). His third deal: He doesn't get the TV for College Football (because, let's be honest - Grey's Anatomy is on tonight), he can play ONE GAME PER WEEK of online poker and he has to give me a 30 minute foot rub tonight. DEAL.

I love marriage. It is all about love, and compromising. He got his poker back; I got Grey's on the big screen and a 30 minute foot rub.

... Besides that, it was thundering outside. We couldn't have walked anyway. ;)

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  1. 30 minute foot rub with those long toes, yikes! What a good husband, indeed. Well, that or CRAZY!