Sunday, October 4, 2009

Weekend Wrap Up

This weekend was OUTSTANDING. We went to Austin to tell my BFF Kelly that Peanut is on the way and last minute decided this was the perfect weekend to tell my parents. We would be in town anyway; we want to tell them in person; and it is KILLING me slowly each day that I don't get to tell them! SO, we told them. It was perfect. Let's start with Kelly.

I went over to Kelly's house with Cullen. I originally told her I have a VERY small, perishable gift that couldn't be opened in front of anyone. We went into her old bedroom (Cullen, Kelly and I), I handed her our "Baby Invitation" and she gave me the exact reaction I was looking for. She first read it, looked at me and said "I'm confused. Then she re-read it, and screamed and burst into tears. Yep, I would call that successful. That is EXACTLY what I was looking for. Cheers to you, Aunt Kelly.

Secondly, we told my parents. Cullen and I had plans to go to dinner with my Mom and Dad, which turned into a big family dinner. (a side note: All along, Cullen and I decided to wait to tell anyone other than Parents until after Nov. 1st. That marks 12 weeks AND it is after Courtney and Curt's wedding. This time needs to be all about them - not my big news.) Our big news had to come before dinner... so, we left Kelly's early. We got to Mom and Dad's, opened Cullen's birthday gifts, then shared a gift with each of them. As I handed a gift to each of my parent's, I told them that we found a tiny little gift we just couldn't resist getting for them. They opened their gifts - it was a moment I have waited for for a long time. Dad said the perfect "John Stafford line" - Congratulations, Bud. I am proud of you." (Can you hear my dad saying it???). Mom smiled, gave us big hugs. It was so perfect.

What's the next big news?? Tell Billy and Carol. We will tell them this week, swear them to secrecy for a couple weeks, and be totally out of the closet after November 1st!

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  1. Erin Nicole, I love you more than anything. Cullen Mills, you devil, congratulations. Peanut, I can't wait to meet you (yes, it's me, your soon-to-be favorite Aunt)!!!

    I am genuinely still in shock. I love y'all so much and could not be happier or more proud. Woo Hoo.

    Now, ENSM-Take care of yourself!!
    Cullen Mills-don't take too much of her crap but spoil her all the time!