Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Appointment Day!

I had a baby appointment today. Unlike my last appointment, I was calm, only asked a few questions (not a dozen), and got to hear our beautiful baby's heartbeat (without a nervous breakdown).

This appointment went swimmingly. It started with the weigh-in in which I had great results and ended with a heartbeat. A strong, loud, heartbeat. Halfway through the doctor listening to Peanut's heartbeat, we heard a LOUD thud; Doctor said, "Oh, your baby has a strong kick!!" Awe, our baby is already a superstar. That will make both of his/her grandpas very happy.

Here are the stats from this appointment:
How far along: 17 weeks.
Heartbeat: Around 150 beats per minute. Down from 160 beats per minute last appointment. Not good or bad, just different than last time.
Weight Gain: +3 lbs. Jackpot. I feel better than I ever have, in my life.

A final note to all my pregnant friends: At this appointment, the doctor asked me if I could feel the baby moving yet. I told her I THINK I have felt the baby twice. She said that was right where I should be with how far along I am. However, a little insiders trick... If you want to feel your baby, but are having a semi-difficult time, here is a sure-fire way:

Make sure you have a full bladder. Lay flat on your back, and rest either a heavy book or a kitchen put on your tummy. (don't worry, this will NOT squish your baby...yes I asked.) Between the full bladder pushing on the baby and the pressure from the book/pot, your baby will kick or punch at you to relieve the pressure. You will be able to feel the baby kick at you. :)

I tried it tonight. It didn't work yet. But, the bladder wasn't full and I was too impatient to sit still long enough to feel the baby. We'll try again tomorrow.

One final note: The BIG appointment is January 4th... anyone have a prediction?? I do; but I am keeping mine a secret!

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