Tuesday, March 16, 2010

A room for Baby

Well, we are ten weeks away from our little Noah being here. A common question I have been asked recently is, "How is the nursery? Is it ready for Noah to come home?" The bold answer. NOPE. We ordered our furniture a while back; it's been sitting in our garage ready for the baby's room for a couple weeks.

Finally, we decided it was time. This weekend, we spent a wild and crazy Saturday night taking apart our office and putting together Baby Peanut's room. Our furniture came fully assembled (except our crib - which was SIMPLE to put together), which made me feel so great about the quality of furniture. It also made it so easy to figure out where we wanted our furniture in the room.

I can comfortably, confidently say, we have a room for Noah to come home. We have a few outfits for him to wear, and a blanket for him to lay on. However, we have a LONG way to go before we are truly READY for baby Noah to come home.

This week is spring break. My goal this week is to make our home more baby friendly, more ready for us to bring baby home. Let's see how far I can get on our to-do list...

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