Tuesday, April 27, 2010

I Love My Husband.

I often tell stories of how funny/quirky Cullen can be. I often have little tangents about how much he can get under my skin, and turn around and he has done something to knock me off my feet... this is a husband thing, right??

In this post, I bragged about how awesome Cullen is. WELL - Let me share THIS with you, friends. Cullen has done two things lately that have melted my socks off. At the end of last week, there were TERRIBLE thunderstorms and Tornado watches/warnings with reports of quarter sized hail. I woke Cullen up because I didn't want to rescue him if there was a tornado.. I was genuinely scared through the entire situation. BUT, Cullen got out of a deep slumber, in the pouring rain and moved his car, put my car in the garage, and moved his back in the driveway. He came back to bed soaking wet. I smiled from ear to ear. I have such a SUPERMAN of a Husband!!

Then Sunday night, we came home from a long weekend in Austin, and Cullen cleaned my car, inside and out. Oh, it made my day. (night, really.)

It is something my daddy would do for my momma. It made me smile. big time.

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