Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Stats at 36 Weeks

My dear friend Danielle was so good about keeping "stats" during pregnancy - especially near the end. I loved reading her stats, and thought through the rest of pregnancy, I would do the same. I went to the doctor Monday; (the first of the weekly appointments.) As of Monday, here is how my stats break down:

Fetal Age: 36 Weeks, 4 days
Total Weight Gained: 23 pounds.
What's the tummy measuring: 35 cm (for those who don't know what this means: it is how big your tummy gets lengthwise during pregnancy. It roughly correlates to the fetal week you are in.) A side note: Until week 33, I ALWAYS measured exactly to the week I was in; however, week 33's appointment, I measured at a 34. Week 36 appointment (this week) I measured at a 35; so... Doctor seems to think baby is pretty close to being done in the growing department.
Dilated: You got! 4 CM
Station: -2
Effacing: 50%

I will update stats next week!! Baby is getting so close!


  1. Haha, I agree w/ DCD. :) JK. I gained 40 total! Man, I had not shown ANY progress at 36 weeks, and you are already 4 CM? I didn't even know that was possible. You might have a really fast labor!