Sunday, June 20, 2010

Our New Home.

When I was a little girl, I dreamed of the perfect man. I dreamt he would be much taller than me, with a beautiful smile. He would be athletic, and love sports. He would be social, but love to spend nights in with me. He would treat me like an angel, and love God. He would want children, and his world would light up when his baby(ies) were in the same room as him...
...I found that man.
AND, when I found that man, I married him. I married him and dreamt of our dream home. It sat on lots of land, with big trees. It had a big master closet that we could share. Our kitchen was roomy, and always smelled of home-made, baked goods. Our living room was a constant memory maker as was our patio. On that patio, we would share many meals; with friends, with family, sometimes, just our little family. In the summer, we would watch our children play in the sprinkler, while our silly little Boston Terriers chased them around. We would eat watermelon and grill hot dogs...
...We move in July 22nd.
This is our dream home; It sits on half an acre. It is four bedrooms; has a master-bedroom closet that could double as a nursery if we decide to have too many children. It has a covered patio for our children to eat watermelon and cool off on hot summer days. We get to start from scratch; it is OUR home, that will have only OUR memories. We get to plant our own trees, and watch them grow. This is our dream home. This is the home that we will live in for twenty plus years. This is the home that our children will grow up in.
Come over, have a drink with us. Celebrate.
Meet our new home: This is the front of our house; I can't wait to see the final product. We will have a sprinkler system and sod put in.
And this is a close up of the front of the house. Cute, huh. The left window is the office. The right window looks into the formal dining room. One day, we will serve Thanksgiving dinner in there. This makes me so happy.

This is our living room (minus carpet). Cullen is standing in the dining room area looking in. Look at the ceiling. It has great lighting when the lights are all on. However, when all the lights are off, it has natural light - this makes me super happy. Through the windows, you can see the big back yard. Eventually, I will be able to look outside and watch my kids play in the yard. This also makes me super happy.

And, here is the kitchen; the kitchen that will constantly smell of something baking.

Finally, here is the fireplace where Santa will come down to fill the stockings. It is the fire place that will hold so many revolving pictures of our family through the years. It is the fire place that will become a constant backdrop for growing children.

I love this house. It is a real gem. Cullen and I are so lucky to have found our happy home, our long-term home and be so young. Cheers. Here is to happiness - real long-term happiness!!


  1. aww erin! i love your new home! it looks sooo pretty! congrats! you are truly blessed with your gorgeous family! i hope to have what you have one day! :)

    PS - when i saw the front door, i imagined many many years from now you taking your children's prom pictures!

  2. Ditto Walden. I also hope to have what you have someday. I am so happy for you, Cullen, and Noah. I love you all very much and I am so happy that until that 3rd/4th bedroom are filled with Mills kids that I have a place to stay when I come see you. Congratulations, you deserve it!

  3. Love, Love, Love it! Maybe I can come see the finished product in August?!? :)