Monday, June 21, 2010

Happy FIRST Father's Day

This post comes a few days late...Cullen celebrated his first Father's Day this last Sunday. It is a day I started anticipating when I found out I was pregnant. It is a day I started planning for the day I found out our baby was a boy.
Cullen is an athlete. He lives for sports - in person, on TV, in his is his drug. On most days, he would give me up before giving up sports. SO, naturally, what did I do for Father's Day?? I took my two week old baby to Grandpa's house for a photo shoot. We put Noah in Cullen's collegiate football helmet, and snapped away. One month later, I gave Cullen a collage of Noah pictures...most of which I am certain I will be using in Noah's senior slide show at school and/or at his wedding. Here are some of the pictures. I would tell you these are some of the highlights, but I loved everyone of the pictures I saw...Yes, I am biased towards the subject.
Yes, that is a middle finger. Yes, my child is already notorious for that little finger. I am almost positive we have a trend that is likely to get notes sent home from school....

Okay, so there were some where he was content in the helmet too...but these were too cute. Happy Father's Day, Cullen Mills. I hope this year was everything you wanted it to be.


  1. Love the pictures! They are so precious! Preston and Kirsten keep asking when they will get to see Baby Noah again.

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