Thursday, July 29, 2010

Pictures Since The Big Move

The new house has been so much work. Noah thinks it is funny to fall asleep or entertain himself until just the moment I NEED free hands... little stinker. SO, the house isn't getting unpacked as fast as I was hoping. Here are some pictures of Noah in the new house!

The following two pictures are while we are sitting in my over sized closet. We are working on being on our tummy. Noah is DAYS away from rolling over... he loves being on his tummy.
Look at that crazy look he is giving his daddy. I am not sure what warranted those crazy eyes... but, whatever it was, Noah was not happy.
Daddy came home from work yesterday. He was sooo exhausted from installing appliances all day; he asked Noah if he wanted to take a nap. Noah quickly agreed. My two guys slept like this for at least an hour. It is one of my MOST FAVORITE things - to walk into a room and see them cuddling together.
One of my other most favorite moments with Noah is the first 10 minutes after waking up in the morning. He is always sooo happy. He doesn't cry in the morning. He just lays in his bed and makes noise, plays with his mobile and hangs out until I come get him. When I do, we go straight to the changing table; he giggles, coos, talks and smiles for about ten minutes. Honestly, how can your day be anything but good when this is what you wake up to??

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