Tuesday, August 9, 2011

These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things...

Recently, my dear friend Lauren bought an Erin Condren Life Planner for my birthday. The one I ordered included on the cover page, a list of my favorite things. This prompted me to go back and read a blog entry I wrote years ago! 60 Facts. I am going to do it again. However, I am only going to do 30 - let's get real here, I am fighting time too....

  1. I love my hats, both physically and metaphorically. I have a handful of hats (some fun and silly for "Crazy Hat Day" at school, some that are worn to Kentucky Derby parties) that sit in the top of my closet - waiting for the perfect occasion. I also love the metaphorical hats I wear: Wife, Mother, Teacher, Friend.  Homemaker, Maid, Community Servant, Christian, Mentor, Daughter, Sister, Boss, Errand Runner. 
  2. I married my husband on September 15, 2007. He makes me smile every day. 
  3. Speaking of marriage, I welcomed my son to our family on May 12th, 2010. He is the light of my every day.
  4. I live life according to my agenda. 
  5. My agenda is color-coded. The color codes have not changed for years. It helps me glance at my week and see what is going on quickly. 
  6. My favorite writing utensil is .5 mm lead mechanical pencil OR a contour pen, just like this one. I hoard them.
  7. I prefer salt/savory to sweet tasting anything. I can resist a fresh baked pan of brownies all day long. Put Ritz crackers or Pringles chips out...I.am.done. I literally will eat them until they are gone, regardless of how full I am.
  8. I buy school supplies in bulk. Even if there is no reason for them, I will buy them and keep them for later use. 
  9. I have a bachelor's degree in Rehabilitation Services, with minors in Addictions AND Social Work from The University of North Texas. I have a Master's of Education degree from The University of Texas at Austin. For the record, my loyalties are to UNT - forever. 
  10. I dislike the color purple, unless I am using it to write. If that is the case, I find that I write with it, a lot.
  11. As an incoming freshman, I joined the sorority, Kappa Kappa Gamma. (Beside Cullen, it was the best collegiate decision I made.)
  12. I love dogs. All dogs. One day, I would like to have a sanctuary for abused dogs to come live and rehabilitate - and learn that all humans are not bad. 
  13. I want three children. Cullen wants two. 
  14. Water is my MOST favorite beverage. There is not one single situation where I would choose something else over water, if given a choice. 
  15. I hate, let me reiterate, I HATE, lizards. All shapes. All sizes. I hate them all. I hate all animals even remotely related to lizards. I hate lizards. 
  16. Noah. I love my chubby, perfect, bald, little Noah. While I could make a list of 60 facts that I love just about him, I wont. I will only list a few: I love the sound of Noah laughing. You know those deep down belly laughs?? His are my favorite. I love his smiles and ever-changing attitude. His undying affection for his family is admirable. I hope it is a continued quality he possesses. I anticipated what his voice would sound like when he was a tiny infant. I smile from ear to ear when I hear him talk. I vividly remember when he chained two words together, "Bye Mom." I melted. From head to toe. I melted.
  17. I consider myself extremely lucky and know that I fall into a rare category that I have both sets of parents, mine and Cullen's who are in loving, successful marriages. Cullen and I have FAITHful, devoted role models to model our lives after. 
  18. I have a Bill Miller BBQ 32 oz. mug that I refill multiple times a day with ice cold water. I love drinking water. I never feel filled up enough to stop drinking. 
  19. I love trashy TV. My current TV lineup includes such horrible shows as: Drop Dead Diva, Secret Life, Switched at Birth, The Bachelor/Bachelorette, The Food Network, etc....nothing I am proud of. 
  20. Speaking of The Food Network, I love cooking. I love baking. I am not great. But, I am always willing and wanting to find something new to cook/bake. I appreciate that my hubby will try anything I cook/bake. AND, he manages to eat his plate, even if it is terrible. Bless his heart. 
  21. I am a movie critic. Unfortunately, I only really see comedies and romantic comedies. However, I will gladly sit through any movie falling into the above categories and tirelessly critique it until there is nothing left to critique. 
  22. I love my long hair. I long to have a short, cute, bobbing haircut. BUT, when I go to get a haircut, I only allow the minimal amount to be taken off. In the long run, I would rather have long, half-up/half-down hair than a styled look that actually takes patience to accomplish. 
  23. I have two Boston Terriers, Brodie (6) and Millie (5). Brodie and Millie joined our family while Cullen and I were dating and in college. They make us laugh on a regular basis. Sadly, they have become secondary since Noah joined our family. But, we still love them so much. They are the dumbest smart dogs I know. 
  24. My parents live in Austin. I like that I love close enough that I can see them whenever I want. Even if our meetings are brief, I love to meet them for dinner in Georgetown just to say hi, and for Noah to hug is Nana and Papa. 
  25. I love dressing up...I mean really dressing up. Like ballgown and big jewelry dress up. Give me a reason to dress up and it is done. 
  26. Let's dissect the last statement. I love being outside. 
  27. I love natural light. I would far rather have no lights on in the house with all the windows open and natural light beaming into my home. 
  28. I love the smell of fall and everything that is incorporated into the fall season. (Don't let Cullen read this too close BUT, I love football season, hot chocolate warming my hands bundled up with good friends at a UNT football game.) 
  29. Thanksgiving is hands-down my favorite holiday followed closely by Christmas and birthday celebrations. 
Try it. It was fun. I realized once I got to 30, I could easily keep going. See how far you can go. I would love to read YOUR lists. 


  1. This post reminded me...and made me miss you so.

  2. Our lists are eerily similar...guess that's why we're such good friends! <3

  3. i love your list! and your cute blog background. :)