Thursday, February 2, 2012

All In A Days Work

Well, for those of you following the baby-sleeps-in-a-big-boy-bed saga, let it be known...we have reached success. 

Here is a brief run-down of the week.

Monday: Noah was a fuss bucket. We put him to bed asleep. He awoke and decided to  crawl out of his crib for the first time in his life. We were up at 1:15 and stayed up. Until after work. He turned into a holy-terror over night.

Tuesday: My parents came to town to pick up their Harley-dog and see Noah. Dad fixed Noah's crib - he turned it into a big boy bed. I prayed for great night's sleep. I prepared for a HORRIBLE night. I knew we would be up all night...again. Not.A.Peep! 

Wednesday: We prepped for bed. Noah sleeps in footed zip-up jammies (you know, because God forbid his feet touch air at night. You know I was raised right.) Fearing that Tuesday was just God giving me MUCH needed sleep, I knew this night would be terrible. Did he wake up? Yes. Did he fuss? Yes. Did we get him? Nope. I found him this morning pulling at his door, in a diaper only, with a new pack of diapers (104 count) hanging from the rafters and everything below. They were absolutely everywhere. He also had little bits of carpet indention all over his left side. He clearly slept on the floor. 

Thursday night: I laid him down...thought he was asleep. He wasn't. I went ahead with the plan. I laid him down, gave him a kiss and said night night. I shut the door; he screamed. He got out of bed and pulled at the door. Finally after he stopped crying, we went to check on him. We first grabbed the flashlight to look under his door. We didn't even want to attempt to go in if he was asleep against the door. He wasn't. I went inside his room and found him.........asleep. Laying in his bed, asleep. 

I, my friends, call this a success. 

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