Monday, September 21, 2009

Chapter One: A Fairy Tale Story -

Once upon a time, in a far away land there lived a Princess and her darling Prince. This Princess was no ordinary Princess; she worked and went to school, she cooked, she cleaned, visited all of her royal friends, and she took care of the royal puppies.

In the summer of 2008, the Princess became worried and anxious. Her kingdom was being taken over by a troop of angry Spartan Gecko's. Being the big protector of the Kingdom, the Darling Prince tried to fight off the evil Spartan Gecko's. And, much to the Princess's dismay, the Spartan Geckos were large in number and had a strong will to take over the Mills Kingdom. The Princess became so fearful of being outside her Kingdom after nightfall. The Spartan Gecko's had her right where they wanted her... being held captive in her own Castle.

After fighting off the EVIL Spartan Gecko's for two years, the Prince and the Princess surrendered to the Spartan Gecko's and ran away from the Mills Kingdom to start anew in the unknown land of Killeen...a neighboring Kingdom.

At first, when the Princess was settling into her new castle, she was very hesitant to be outside, or alone because of the emotional scarring left by the Spartan Geckos. However, she noticed that all the Spartan Geckos stayed in the old Mills Kingdom. The Prince and the Princess (and their royal puppies) are living comfortably in the land of Killeen. The Princess feels so free to be outside after night fall, leave the doors open in the evenings without fear of being taken hostage in her new Kingdom...

So... the Prince and the Princess lived (so far) happily ever after.


  1. so glad there are no geckos... i think you need more work to do!ie